Spectrum App Lost 3 days ago - TWC TV and Apps

I am really tired of SPectrum not taking responsibility for fixing this problem...after going through Spectrum tech help, they passed me to another Spectrum division that turned out to be the wrong one for the technical assistance. Finally told it wasnt Spectrum issue because I did have the internet and because i had my own Netgear box and Roku, i had to call them.
I spent more than 4 hours last night with a foreign tech 'expert' for Netgear that wouldnt help me unless i signed up for $165 plan for 1 year Netgear assistance. I finally hung up on her. I went on Roku and found I could look at numerous other channels that stream.
I am so sick of Time warner/spectrum, if there was another provider, i would switch.
Spectrum people you need to know your job, and at the very least tell us, the customers, that it is your problem...all your tech help needs to know this immediately, and also inform customers that they still have the other streaming apps on Roku at the very least.
Spectrum also should email, text or otherwise let customers know they have lost Spectrum streaming immediately, so we dont have to call in the problem.....SPectrum should also let us know when system problems are fixed.
I am sick and tired of continually entering and reentering my username and password, like it had changed withing the last 10 seconds i entered it and got th error RLC-1000....What is up with that? Change this....................................................................

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