Spectrum Auction May Be Terminal


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Can you believe this? A year ago, the FCC teased broadcasters with prospective incentive auction opening bids for TV stations ranging from $900 million to $1.2 million. Now, going into Stage 4, with the money broadcasters want and what wireless carriers are willing to pay far, far apart, there's a possibility the whole enterprise may come to naught. If so, the wireless industry should be made to reimburse the FCC for the millions (tens of millions?) of dollars that the agency has spent creating, designing and executing the auction over the past seven years.
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Some of us have been predicting this for some time. It is nice to see that our prediction is coming true. Long live free television!!!


I suspect we can thank (actually, blame) the spectrum auction for the lack of any new diginets being created in 2016. The last new diginet was Comet TV which launched on October 31, 2015. Since then there has been none, probably because it looked as if the Broadcast TV spectrum was going to shrink so there wouldn't be much room for new sub channels.

If the auction does fail a lot of speculators who bought up TV stations for the sole purpose of selling them for big bucks in the auction are gonna' lose their arses and good for them. Don't mess with free TV.