Spectrum Grab: White House in favor of allocating spectrum to public safety network

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Safety Groups Cite bin Laden Death In Emergency Net Push - 2011-05-02 19:14:33 | Broadcasting & Cable

(... Or, how to rename your goal and not let a 'crisis' go to waste)

From the article:

"Public safety groups are using the death of Osama bin Laden as a peg for their push for legislation that would create a nationwide interoperable public safety network funded with money from incentive auctions of broadcast spectrum." ...

... "The FCC has tried to auction spectrum reclaimed in the DTV transition for a public-private partnership to create an interoperable emergency broadband network, but failed to draw a minimum bid. Current law requires that spectrum to be auctioned, but King and Rockefeller and the Public Safety Alliance want to change the law to allow it to be allocated, with the funding to build and maintain it coming from incentive auctions of broadcast spectrum as part of the reclamation of that spectrum for wireless broadband." ...