Spectrum Hearing Slated For June 1


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Subcommittee tees up TV auction hearing

From The Article:
The session is being called “Promoting Broadband, Jobs and Economic Growth Through Commercial Spectrum Auctions.” It will be called to order Wednesday, 6/1/11 at 9:30 AM under the gavel of Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR).

As is well known to regular readers of this space, Walden is a former broadcaster, albeit on the radio side – he owned and operated a group of radio stations in unrated portions of Oregon. He and other subcommittee members will be hearing testimony on the topic of voluntary spectrum auction participation, and according to Hillicon Valley, Walden will be listening with the protection of broadcast interests in mind.
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"Promoting Broadband, Jobs and Economic Growth Through Commercial Spectrum Auctions."

I don't see how spectrum auctions will promote jobs or economic growth. Broadband, yes, but only in the urban areas that already have broadband. The wireless providers aren't about to invest money in rural areas where wireless broadband actually would do some good - there's no profit to be made there.

But I suppose they have to spin it as providing jobs and growth, even if it won't do either. I see it more as "stealing from the public and selling to corporations"


They are stealing from the public and GIVING it to the Cell Industry. The money they pay at a one time auction is literally nothing compared to the profit they will make from the raping of a public resource, while all along denying that microwaves surrounding the brain are not dangerous.................What a bunch of liars !!! The ones behind this are the same ones who are addicted to wasting someone else s money, and they think they have the right to plunder a public resource for private profits.

They can't even balance the Budget, but they think they know whats best for the people? They don't give one dam about the American people, and lobbyists run this country now. Its time to march on Washington D.C. with weapons drawn, Kinda like what the Egyptians have figured out that if we don't do something, it will never change.
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