Spectrum Legislation Expected to Be Rolled Into End-of-Year Bill


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Spectrum Legislation Expected to Be Rolled Into End-of-Year Bill - 2011-12-06 17:26:35 | Broadcasting & Cable
In Part.
House Republican leadership is expected attach House spectrum incentive auction legislation to a broad, end-of-the year, must-pass bill, a House Energy & Commerce Committee source confirmed on background.

The Jumpstarting Opportunity with Broadband Spectrum (JOBS) Act passed the Communications Subcommittee last week, and the source said House leaders have indicated it could be added to that legislative package, which would extend the payroll tax holiday, as the president has called for, but also include things on the Republican's wish list, like their version of the incentive auction bill, which would prevent the FCC from putting access conditions on spectrum reclaimed for wireless.
Not many details.


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I'm so tired of our congresscritters' sneaky way of slipping things into unrelated "must pass" legislation.


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After reading the article it seems that "gridlock" may save free TV spectrum this year. The house bill would die in the Senate due to the "net-neutrality" admendment and the Senate bill would die in the house due to a lack of broadcast protections. Of course there could be a "compromise" bill, but that doesn't seem to be the congressional theme for 2011.