Spectrum Stealing Channels From Legacy TWC Customers - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Spectrum Stealing Channels From Legacy TWC Customers", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Today I find Charter/Spectum has served another update to legacy TWC customers in my area and I see more vanishing channels. Just an early review shows the FMOD (Free Movies On Demand) and Sundance channel have dissappeared. Two weeks ago it was the Chiller channel they stole. Its become rather obvious what Charter/Spectum is all about, bait and switch. First we sell you one set of movie channels then sneakily steal them back and try to sell you a whole new set of movie channels. Don't like it we're a monopoly so get lost.

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Pissed off American

They just suck. they lie, they steal, they mislead, then shrug that they are just a business.

But in reality, they provide a necessary service to people and are over-pricing, screwing
people over until they get fined cuz the fine is less than the cost of humanity! Just another
corporate nightmare.