Spectrum took over TWC webmail in nov 2017 and it's really bad - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Spectrum took over TWC webmail in nov 2017 and it's really bad", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I'm sorry, but I don't understand how Spectrum webmail can be so bad, missing features and have features that don't work most of the time.

Seems most people realize how slow it is. It was slow in nov 2017 then too, but it's gotten a lot worse, a lot slower, since then (or maybe I'm imagining that).

TWC webmail wasn't lightning, but was usable speed.

When is Spectrum webmail going to have sort by date, sort by subject, sort by from.

TWC webmail had this. I thought sort by date might just be the default. Turns out, I look in some of my folders to discover, it's not completely sorted by date. some pages have dates all over the place. Is this not kinda ridiculous for webmail.

One of my webmail accounts has like 120 pages (if 20 emails per page view). With TWC webmail, I could get to page 25 really quick. There was a page parameter in the URL, i could just change it to 25. With Spectrum webmail, from page 1, I can click on 5, that takes a long time to load up, then I would have to click on 6, long time load, 7, long time load, 8, 9, 10, 11 etc. That's, to put it kindly, crazy! Who came up with this UI?

And search doesn't work half the time. It runs a long time, you get the well known Spectrum webmail spinning clockface or throbber (found that word when googling), and then after 4 to 5 minutes, it errors out.

Can't tell you how many times after a long spinning clockface processing, I end up with a notice: Error: Error occurred loading messages from server.

4 to 5 minutes of time suck. Try again. More time wasted

I'm amazed there aren't many more complaints, gobs of complaints. Maybe there are and I've not seen them all. Maybe people (like I have) are calling costumer service. Costumer service agents are always very nice. But they can't do anything. They're not the programmers or the hirers of programmers.

Is everyone using POP or IMAP with some other client? What client works best with Spectrum webmail servers.

What's the solution? I need to get to some older emails now. And I can't. I need to sort, organize my mailboxes, and I can't, not with Spectrum webmail, extreme slowness, scary not working features or lack thereof, not goto page function, no sorting, search that works only very seldom, only if you don't try to search further than a few pages.


Spectrum took over TWC webmail in nov 2017 and it's really bad?