Spectrum TV App on Apple TV (4th generation) - TWC TV and Apps

Talked with Customer Service (twice) yesterday on ways to reduce my bill. The service guy (Kevin) tells me that if I upgrade my Apple TV to a Apple TV (4th generation) that I can download the Strectum TV App from the Apple TV App Store and it will eliminate the need for the old Time Warner Cable boxes thus saving those rental fees.

So today I purchased 2 Apple TV (4th generation)...after screwing around with them for a couple of hours it appears that "Kevin" didn't know what he was talking about because the Spectrum TV App does not exist in the App Store on the Apple TV (4th generation).

Does anybody know why this app is not available on the Apple TV (4th generation) ?
This is madness and so frustrating...I just want to get off the "cable greed" merry-go-round !!!

This question is about "Spectrum TV App on Apple TV (4th generation)", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps.


Old thread but figured I'd answer it anyways for those looking like I was.

All that I've researched and come to know is that Spectrum is only supporting iOS, Roku and Android OS apps right now. They don't have any announced TvOS support (Apple TV) as of yet or for the foreseeable future. Recommend you looking into Roku stick if you want to avoid the rental fees. I haven't used or tested it out myself but it's said to have the same functionality as the iOS app.