Speculation: Who do you like to replace George Stephanopoulos on This Week?


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As everyone probably knows, Diane Sawyer is moving from ABC's morning show Good Morning America to be the anchor of ABC Nightly News. George Stephanopoulos has signed to take her spot. He is staying until the network can find a suitable replacement. Who do you think would be a good host of This Week?

I like Jake Tapper, the current ABC White House Correspondent. He is very knowledgable and has shown himself to be very hard nosed ciriticism of both Republicans and Democrats alike, Leftwingers and Conservatives.

Jake Tapper's Blog is one I frequent for knowledgable insights.

What say you?


I find Bob Scheiffer on Face the Nation cringe worthy. He is Leftist zeitgeist and biased in the worst ways.

Stephanopoulos, I found much more watchable, even though he is obviously a Leftwinger (being Bill Clinton's White House mouthpiece)....he does rise to the occasion (on occasion) and asks tough questions instead of lobbing softballs to Leftists/Democrats. Knowledgable and affable. He couldnt hold a candle to David Brinkley though.

David Gregory, the new replacement for recently deceased Tim Russert at Meet the Press is more cringe inducing that Bob Schieffer. Pure hack. Tim Russert was great at the post. Tough minded and able to put ideology aside and ask tough questions of both Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, Leftist and Conservative. Really liked him. Jake Tapper is much like Russert.
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I listen to Face the Nation, Meet the Press, This Week and The Chris Matthews Show on Sunday morning (I have to record them as I am at work).

I do so to find the latest corporate politicians lies from both the right and left.

These shows want to cater to mostly to the left with Fox catering to the right to boost viewer ship by touting party line corporate politics. You must realize it's all lies.

They talk garbage about the other side, but when it comes to standing in line for the campaign and lobby money, both sides have their hands out.

The corporations have bought the majority of the Democrats, just as they did the Republicans decades ago.

They sling this garbage at each other to distract you while they do the corporate bidding.

A good example is health care bill. Obama says we must reign in the drug and insurance companies during the campaign. But then they spend 300 million dollars since the first of the year on lobbying alone. The drug companies alone spent 20 million in the last 30 days.

They come out with a bill that forces everyone to buy insurance, with no restrictions on cost control by insurance, medical or drug companies. They were paid to do this.

Obama is now talking the public option is dead, as well as opting in at 55 to medicaid.

They bring up arguments that we can't pay for it, spending unwisely. Has not a dang thing to do with it. It's just so the Republicans forced those Democrats not yet bought out to vote for the bill passed yesterday. Make them vote with the majority of the Democrats I call the Corporate Democrats.

It's maybe the second biggest scam pulled on the American people since the bail out of Wall street that about 150 billion in bonus next year to it's employees, mostly at the top for doing so good with our TARP money.

So ABC, CBS, NBS, FOX are all bought and sold by the same corporations that lobby congress to pass the laws they want. So do you really think it makes a rats bottom who sits in that seat? Reading from the corporate script.

What do I think? Matters not........


These shows want to cater to mostly to the left with Fox catering to the right to boost viewer ship by touting party line corporate politics. You must realize it's all lies.
... which is yet another reason to cut the cable. Olbermann vs. O'Reilly? Hannity vs. Maddow? None of them is all that different from "The Itchy & Scratchy Show."



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I like Koppel as well. I've stopped watching most of the Sunday morning things. I watched Schieffer long after I gave up on Meet the Press and This Week, but even got tired of his show.

I would definitely give Koppel a try on Sunday morning.

- Trip
Who's George Stephanopoulos?

Wasn't he that fat balding guy on Seinfeld? ;)

Just kidding, although I really do not watch This Week much anymore...but whoever they pick needs to be somebody who is impartial, which means no whack jobs like Rush Limbaugh or Anne Coulter.


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It's a good thing I don't watch these shows. Nothing against Christine, but I'm not interested in watching her. Actually, she's forever associated with the Iraq war when I first discovered who she was.
Political shows tend to really make me angry, so I try to avoid watching them unless something important enough happened recently to warrant tuning in. Otherwise I am just setting myself up to have a lousy day.