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Hello everyone, first post here. I've read through quite a bit and there's some great info here!

I'm moving into a new house and have decided to cut the cable for a while. Where I live I am very close to the transmitter sites of all of the major networks, except for one in the Huntsville, AL area. I had REALLY hoped that I would be able to pull in additional stations from nearby Nashville, TN but after looking at my TVfool report, I doubt that's going to happen.

Here is my report, for reference: TV Fool

I have 2 questions I need help with:

1) I plan on mounting either a 4 or 8 bay UHF antenna in my attic or just outside just above the roof. This antenna will need to feed 4 rooms, so I will need a 4-way splitter. I'm a little confused when it comes to splitting a signal and amplification. I understand that a preamp is used to assist with pulling in stations in a fringe area (which wouldn't be the case for me.) But I've also read that a pre-amp can be used to overcome the signal loss when using a splitter.

Do I need to use a pre-amp and a 4-way splitter, or no pre-amp and use a distribution amplifier like the CM 3414? The longest cable run will probably be about 50 feet, and I plan to use a good quality coax.

2) Looking at my TVFool report, the majority of my local stations are UHF at 242/243 degrees and only about 6 miles away. However, the local CW station is on UHF 14 at 292 degrees 42 miles away. There's also an independent station on VHF 11 at 211 degrees around 17 miles away.

What would be a few recommendations (without using a rotor) that would allow me to add these two stations while still getting a solid signal from the major networks at 242/243 degrees?

Thanks in advance!


I can't edit my post since I haven't joined yet... question 2 should read:

There's also an independent station on VHF 11 at 280 degrees around 17 miles away.


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I don't think your going to need an amp. Especially if your using a 4 bay. There is also a good chance that you can adjust the 4 bay to pick up the CW station while still having plenty of signal from the strong locals. If channel 11 doesn't come in on the 4 bay, it can be added by having a VHF high antenna (like an Antennacraft Y5-7-13 or Antennas Direct C5) pointed in its direction. You would need a UVSJ (the C5 comes with its own UVSJ).
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