Splitter for TV and Intenet


We're moving our modem router from our bedroom to the office, but I have a TV connected already in the office. Wanted to know if I can use a splitter to connect the TV and modem router. Would it affect performance? We have the lower speed internet service.


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You should be fine, but just to be sure, take 5 minutes and call Cox customer support and tell them what you're trying to do. I'm 99% sure you'll be fine though.


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Make sure the splitter you get is made to pass bi-directional traffic and covers the frequencies involved (meaning its not limited to below 1000 Mhz).


Wanted to report back. Bought a 2ghz splitter from Radioshack for $5.99 and it worked great. Thanks for you help.

Have another question, can I split one connection into two just like I did, except have two set top boxes on those connections for two different TVs in the same room?


There shoudn't be any issue with setting up two tv's in the same room with a splitter, just remember that the boxes have universal remotes so they work with any cox box.


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Typically you should steer away from using splitters as Cox absolutely hates the use of splitters and if you have them and begin to have any sort of issues *be aware* they will begin blaming it on splitters which means YOU will be charged for their time and it will not be considered their problem so they will not pay for their time visiting your house. But for the most part splitters are fine and they really only cause problems on TV boxes and Modems because they can begin to lose packets in between the outside box and your house.

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