Splitters, Preamplifiers, Distribution Amplifiers


Hello fellows.

I read a lot of posts on here reminding us that each time you split the signal you will lose 3dB of gain. I suspect that I am not the only one that is charged with the task of feeding the OTA signal to multiple television sets in the house. I have a wife and kids and they would like to have their TV just as much as I do! That means we are seeking to have OTA TV in two bedrooms, playroom, living room, guest room and kitchen.

I have a HD7698P on my roof. I am in a ''fringe'' area although I would not consider my area to be ''deep fringe''. I am able to receive all desired channels upon plugging one receiver into the antenna along with the RCA TVPRAMP1R preamplifier. However I suspect I will lose some of these channels upon distribution through the house. I use RG-6 Quad Shield for all OTA wiring applications here.

Should I wire one long piece of coax from the antenna to a *central location* and then split off all six (6) branch lines from there? Or should I rather run coax from the antenna to the longest point, splitting the signal off at each room using a number of two-way splitters? For either option should I try to use some kind of distribution amplifier or ''powered splitter'' to avoid signal loss?

How would the installation of some secondary ''powered'' device interact with the preamp that I have installed up the mast?

Thank you men!