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I agree with you because I looked up two friends and the results were quite accurate, however, when I looked up myself ... I own a 1 million dollar+ home WOOHOO+++!!! (WRONG) my education level is wrong, my Zodiac sign is wrong an I am NOT married!

So much for spokeo, but it is something to be concerned about. Great post and thank you. :thumb:



Speaking of threats...

Just saw a news report on TV tonight about a website that's taking various personal information about people, combining it into a single database, and putting it on www.spokeo.com.
It sounds kind of like the Census, actually. Despite media spin about the unobtrusiveness of those 10 wee, little questions, does anyone else ever remember a previous Census asking not only for age, sex, race and relationship of occupants, but also for full names and exact dates of birth? The wife and I refused to answer those questions: Combined with the pre-printed address on the back of the form and the request for a telephone number on the front, that's four out of six elements an identity thief needs to get credit in your name. Armed with accurate data for those fields, the thief could fake a maiden name and Social Security number and get multiple apps accepted quite easily.

Two salient points:

• The top of the form tells respondents that "Your answers are protected by law," yet that's hardly reassuring. If an identity thief is willing to commit a felony, what are the odds he/she would respect any law, and particularly this one?

• This form is brought to you by the same government that can't even keep the private information of millions of veterans -- or even its own employees! -- secure.