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Can Someone from Comcast (or anyone) give me a little better insight on packages and how they vary amongst different zones. I am located in Philadelphia, Zipcode 19127.
I am on the starter package for channels but was told by 3 different reps, (2 in store, 1 on the phone) that if I have the starter package and add the Sports Entertainment Package, that I would be receiving the Big 10 Network (BTN). After a week of back and forth going into stores, calling to "troubleshoot" a rep on the onlince chat tells me that BTN is not offered with my Sports Entertainment Package, and that I would need to get Preferred.
Which is fine, if I did not waste so much time trying to get the channel the other way. The store rep even reccomended I do it the way of getting the Starter package and adding the sports package to save money, after I said I will just change my plan to the preferred.

I guess my question is, can I get a list of channels included for the sports package in 19127?
and another would be, Why does it vary from the in store channel list that an in store rep printed for me? An in store sales rep looked up my zip code, printed me a channel list for "Philadelphia area Zone 3/4" and under "Sports Entertainment Package" said BTN was included in the package.

Thank You for your time and any insight.

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