Sports on Demand does not show full event



Yesterday I wanted to watch the FIS Women's Downhill Alpine ski race from Bansko, Bulgaria on X1 "On Demand". What I saw was -

- 2 minutes from Bansko announcing the race had been delayed

- a 30 minute show with 2 women pretending to be training for the olympics

- approx 15 minutes showing a gentleman who dyes his beard and cheers for Canadian curling teams

- and finally, the first 19 and 1/2 (it finished in the middle of the 20th competitors run) skiers out of fifty starters.

I had to watch the first 45 minutes to get to the curtailed skiing. "On demand", in this instance, does not allow fast forwarding.

In the 1980's, I owned a VHS-VCR. I would sometimes set the VCR to record shows, and if the show or event was delayed, would get the same type of result that Comcast gets now. (Although I would have the ability to fast forward through the parts I didn't want to see. )

However, technology has evolved, and I would have hoped for the money I pay comcast, they would have advanced beyond the 1980's. But apparently not.

"Sports on Demand does not show full event," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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