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It looks like DTVN has dropped Sprout, but I see no explanation anywhere as to why. My kids enjoy watching it and this might change my decision to continue subscribing. Any information is appreciated.

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We have been watching sprout on Directv for 10 yrs

I have been a Directv satellite subscriber for 10 years, but I’m not exactly clear on what programming differences are between my subscription and DIRECTV NOW.
I can however ASSURE you, Directv DID and has always had the Sprout channel.
I have 3 daughters 10,5 & 4. So when 1 kid was outgrowing Sprout, the other loved it!
I just noticed it was gone today. If it was a year ago, I would have missed it immediately. I know it was on there over the summer,.. we watched it on the Directv app on vacation.
I certainly wish Directv would let us know about these changes. Sprout will definitely be missed!
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