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I tried a Hoverman (type) antenna many years ago before I understood digital TV signals compared to analog transmissions. That is an extreme fringe antenna that may work in some areas, but is not appropriate in my area.

Please go to TV Fool and provide us a URL link to your antenna survey so we can study it and make recommendations for you. That website will automatically conceal your personal information, for your security.

It's not difficult to find more information on the Super G 1483 antenna google it. Yes the photo is wrong. Yes the antenna works if it suits your location. Most feel it is a bit flimsy. There is a lot of information out there if you look.
Antennacraft Double-SuperG-1483
Unless location has changed the TV fool report is in this thread.
I'll have to reread it when I get a chance. It's not a real pretty report.


I use to have an AntennaCraft hoverman 4-bay and while it was a bit better with reception than the AntennaCraft U-4000, but as Steve said, it is flimsy. Drop it more than a few feet and the reflector elements will break off where the blue plastic connects them to the boom. Don't know what the deal is but that is some cheap plastic whereas the plastic (PVC?) they use for the U-4000 is strong. When it comes to the hoverman, "Handle with Care."

Also I found a graph that compares the G-1483 to the legendary CM-4251 Snap 2014-12-02 at 09.08.57.png

The G-1483 surpasses the CM-4251 at some frequencies but falls off sharply above channel 36 so if you hope to pick up any channels above 36 it may not be a very good choice.


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Here's my report TV Fool
Currently I'm using a HDB8X antenna with a Winegard 8780 Preamp, plus an inline amp before the signal gets to an 8-way splitter.
I know that I always read on this forum about using too much amplification, but it seems that with my situation, the more the better.
I thought that the Super G 1483 might solve two problems : I need just a little more signal to pick up the weakest Pittsburgh stations,
and it sounds lie the Super G 1483 might cut down on the strong, more local signals from the Johnstown stations.
If you really want to experiment with building a 16 bay I would suggest adding another HDB8X. Here is a good read on the subject.
A 16-Bay UHF Antenna
Some of the available product information on hdtvprimer is getting a bit outdated. The site is still a valuable source of information. If you do your research there are other good sources of information on building large antenna arrays, and what results you might expect.
You could try a 32 bay.
A 32-Bay UHF Antenna


Which lead pair?

My tv yagi has two pairs of antenna lead terminals about 8 inches apart. To which pair should i connect my lead?
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