Standard receiver can't connect to dvr - DirecTV

3801hgv modem
Ipn4320 Cisco dvr
Vap2500 wireless access point
(2) standard wireless receivers

- our dvr is connected hardwired to our modem and everything works properly. I ran 100' of cat5 cable to our garage which is connected to the modem and in our garage goes to a Linksys router. From the router it's hardwired to the access point and the standard receiver connects wirelessly to the access point. From the wireless receiver I can watch tv just fine but you can't pause live tv or record anything or see your recordings. I've rebooted all devices in the proper order and made sure all devices were updated. I've even had an att tech here to fix it but no go. When I bypass the router and connect the access point directly to the att modem the receiver than the receiver can see the dvr and all works properly. So something in the Linksys router is not working or ports have to be opened?

This question, "Standard receiver can't connect to dvr," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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