Star Trek Fans - Vulcan Ale is now available in Canada!

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In the original Star Trek series we learned about an interesting libation called Romulan Ale. Lieutenant Commander Spock shared it with a Romulan Commander in "The Enterprise Incident" (episode).

Years later in the second Star Trek movie "The Wrath Of Khan" we saw a conversation between Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy and we learned it was illegal to possess Romulan Ale within the Federation, similar to the import and possession of Cuban Cigars in the United States. Doctor McCoy explained to Kirk that he had a 'connection' with a Freighter Captain who brought it in for him across the neutral zone and the touchy topic was dropped.

Lieutenant Commander Spock never revealed to us that Planet Vulcan was also known for its own brew known as Vulcan Ale, a red 'Irish-style' brewski that matches the color of the Vulcan sky. This new product is officially Licensed with CBS/Paramount Studios.

Vulcan Ale is a Canadian business venture that for the time being, will not be available in the States (unless you know McCoy's Freighter Captain friend) and there has been some confusion about the date the brew will (or may have already) entered the Canadian market. Because it is Canadian, it will have 5.4% alcohol by volume unlike most watered down 3.5% American beer.

Paul Allen of Microsoft fame owns 'Vulcan dot com' but there appears to be no connection to his empire.

I hope this upstart Company is making a good product and if so, it catches fire and goes worldwide. As Benjamin Franklin (allegedly) said: ""Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." I hope I get to try it someday.

Live long and prosper, Jim

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... "Vulcan Ale will be a high-quality handcrafted Irish Red Ale that promises to explore a new universe of taste,” Vern Raincock, founder and CEO of DeLancey Direct, said in a statement." ...
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