Star Trek Wins In 'Best' Blu-ray Poll

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Star Trek Wins In 'Best' Blu-ray Poll

From the article:

"Last year's Star Trek remake was named the best Blu-ray release of 2009 in a consumer poll conducted by Home Media Magazine.

The publication said Star Trek won three awards in its annual High-Def Awards. In addition to best overall Blu-ray release, Star Trek brought home the 'Best Theatrical Blu-ray' award and the 'Best Single Extra' for its Starfleet Vessel Simulator feature." ...


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All the series episodes are currently being re-released in blu-ray by Paramount, packed with loads of bonus material and extra footage.


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i'm afraid I won't be able to resist.. I have all the series on DVD already... but am eyeing up the Blu-ray releases... I just can't help myself.

My computer has a built in blu-ray player and a high res monitor to play them on... and the new TV in our bedroom also has one.

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