Star Wars Episode IV HD on Spike 4-18-09


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Man, I love Star Wars, and caught most of it last night from about 10:00PM till 1:00AM. They were running some kind of marathon with the latest releases (that had George Lucas after touching with some of the aliens drawn in by computer). Anyway, my room mate and I flipped to it, and first commercial break is some fricking advertisement for male enhancement products. Second commercial was another male enhancement followed by a trojan commercial about some kind of new vibrating thingy that who knows what the heck it does.

I'm a pretty open dude when it comes to cable TV and what is appropriate, but geez, this was down right weird. 90% of the commercials last night were outright rediculous, and it wouldn't have been so bad but then I'm sitting next to my room mate!

To top it all off, it seemed like there were 3-4 commercials every 7-10 minutes which extended the movie ridiculously long!


Commercials every 10 minutes? Oh come on! Just because commercials aren't loud enough because of the new law coming in, doesn't mean you can shove triple down our throats.

I'd rather just go out and buy the DVD's, it's easy enough to get now, isn't it?


You can't get any Star Wars mvoies on HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. Your best bet for a in home Star Wars viewing in HD is on Spike in 1080i or buy the DVD and watch on a DVD player that can upconvert.