Starter Wife back on Cable USA this fall

Glad to hear that The Starter Wife, will be back on Cable USA this October. The show is about Molly Kagan, a Hollywood insider who is shocked when her movie mogul husband dumps her. She is equally shocked when she's immediately ostricized by the "A List" crowd in Hollywood. It's all about proving herself and getting even.

I'm hoping it will be as funny as the first season. I'm glad to hear that Debra Messing is back as Molly. Judy Davis is back, reprising her role as Molly's good friend, who sticks by her thick and thin. Hopefully their won't be too much retooling of the other cast members.


I really like Debra Messing. Her portrayal of Molly Kagan is well done with good acting and alot of comedy thrown in. Yes, the season starts October 10th. If you haven't watched this show, give it a shot. You will be pleasantly surprised.
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