Static Poor Picture and Extremely Loud Static Noise When First Turn ON



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I did some research and found an archived post about this problem, but the resolution is not listed since they did a private message about it. I copied this from the archived post. Any help would be appreciated!

Archived Post:

Poor Picture and Static When First ON

When the cable box and TV are initially turned on, there is loud static and very fuzzy picture. The remote locks up and doesn't allow the box to be turned off. After 20 to 30 seconds the unit turns off. Turning it back on then has a normal picture and sound. I have rebooted the box several times but it does solve the problem. Any suggestions?



Additional Information:

I use the "Power Down" on the X1 cable box. Now, I have to manually turn off the TV as opposed to when it used to power off the TV at the same time as the cable box.

When I turn cable/TV on using the "All On" button the next morning, the cable box and TV turns on. The TV has a very poor picture with static "snow", but what makes it worse, is the static sound that is at the highest volume even though I leave the volume extremely low. I cannot even turn off the TV at this point even with the TV (not cable) remote. The cable box has control over the TV.

I know if I leave the cable box on 24/7, this does not happen, but I like to and want to use the Power Down feature. And, yes, I know the box is not completely off, but in a "Stand-by" type mode.

I did some research into this problem and it seems it may have to do with the HDMI/HDCP handshake. I have tried the suggestions such as: reboot the cable box, disconnect cables and reconnect, replace cables, turn TV on first then cable box, waiting various (hours) times to determine when the problem happens, etc.

I did notice that the "Power Down" behavior has changed. I have timed it and left the TV on to see what happens. First it is slow to recognize the power down was selected, but when it does, the TV screen becomes blank for about 5 seconds, then after 30 seconds, the screen saver comes on (odd for that to happen since it should be powered down hence no screen saver.) If I shut the TV off and the screen saver is on, the cable box turns back on (blue light to indicate it is on) and I am not touching other buttons on the remote that would cause the cable box to go on just the TV off button (not correct behavior.) If I shut the TV off before the screen saver comes on, the cable box does not come on (this is the correct behavior.)

Sorry for the long post. I just wanted people to know I did try to do research before I even posted. I even called Xfinity which just had me reboot the box.

Thank you.

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