Static Sound when using Converter Box

Hey can someone help me out with my problem? It's just that whenever I'm watching anything using the Converter Box there is a static sound and theres nothing that I can do to get rid of it. When I tried muting the converter box the static sound is still there so i'm guessing its coming from my TV somehow but I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help?


Static about static...

If you are using the coaxial connection, try switching to the other supported channel for the converter box, one without a station.

If your TV has a manual tuner, try tuning the channel slot away from the channel occupied by the broadcast station - If the offending station is Channel 4, and you are using Channel 3 for the converter - tune Channel 3 down. If the offending station is Channel 3, and you are using Channel 4 for the converter - tune Channel 4 up. It might clear it up. There's the issue of running into Channel 2 or 5, respectively, though.

The problem could also be the cables - I've seen a lot of discount A/V devices that use interference-collecting hair-wire connectors like the cheap headphones do. Try swapping them for a good Monster cable.

Last thing, it could be the TV itself. I mean, my Sony 25 inch TV is getting very old that I have to wait about 10 minutes after turning it on before I can watch anything through the coaxial connector - static and contrast fades in and out during that time. After that, it works great. No problems with the RCA cables. Hey, it brings me close to the level of a lot of folks as far as TVs go...


Static/background noise from converter box

Aaaaaah awesome sauce thank you guys. Its the little things in life that makes a huge difference. 😄
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