static sound when watching tv thru converter box


Hello everyone i'm looking for some help. I just gave my mom my rca 52" projection screen tv to replace her older tube tv and ever since i hooked it up it has alot of static sound coming thru when watching all tv channels. so bad that you can barely hear the sound of the show your watching. I hooked the box up using composite cables (red white yellow) and have double checked connections and even tried other cables to make sure one of them wasnt bad. I had never had any issues with the tv before ( i have city cable) and if you watch a dvd with player the sound is fine. could her box be going bad? I don't think she had any sound issues with the other tv though. its very aggravating and confusing. I even went and bought a new better antenna and that didnt help. the picture quality is great, actually is better than my cable channels lol. the brand of box she has is an Access HD 1080D digital converter box. I don't know if this would make any difference but since her cables weren't very long i had to sit the converter box on the dvd play to make them reach and sit on a table next to the tv. could the dvd player cause any interference?

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Here is an earlier post on the Forum that might help you:

I had a similar audio problem with too much white-noise (hiss) in the audio, so I dropped the TV audio level very low and cranked the converter box audio as high as it would go and it concealed the 'hissing'.

It is doubtful the DVD player is generating the noise and you said it operates correctly. Since you've already changed the composite cables, you have done everything right.

Are there any other electrical devices nearby or in another room on the same power circuit that could be 'transmitting' the static including CFL light bulbs or lighting dimmer-switches?



the only other thing that is plugged in to the wall outlet that the tv and box and dvd player is plugged in is a window air conditioner, but of course its not being used right now.. the tv, box and dvd player are plugged into a rca surge protector, and it is plugged into the outlet


i don't think that the converter box she is using has a volume control on it. We may just go and buy another box and see if that fixes it. hopefully it will. Do you have any brand in particular that you recommend?


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What brand of converter box is your mom using? And, was she using the coax connection between the converter and her old TV?

Magnavox converter boxes make you go into the menus and change the audio out from coax to RCA and that may be the issue. My parents had their box set wrong (in their case to RCA when it should have been coax) and they would only get sound if they turned the TV way up.