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The Graveyard Shift
Gday all,
Wondering if you guys could lend me a hand, im after a list of stations with on-channel repeaters (ie. DTS systems) [similar to SFN systems in DVB-T land]. Heres my list so far...

WPSU - 810k/50k - PBS
WTVE - 8x sites (126k/110-4.25k) - Independant/AMG
WVPT - 3.2k/40/8 - PBS
WVPY - 50k/500/100/100 - PBS
KBRK - 5x sites (615k/10k-170k) - Fox
WSTE - 25k/25k/6k/100 - Univision
WNJU - 650kW/Unknown - Telemundo - testing only, now single site
KYES - 5x sites planned
KTDO - 2x sites planned

Doesnt matter if they running, testing, have tested, or are planned... As long as u have a good idea which of those it is! :)

Callsign is good enough for me to investigate further, but as much details as you can provide the better!

Bonus points for Canadian and Mexican examples! :D


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