Status code 223 - XFinity

All 4 of my boxes(X1 and three DTA bedroom boxes) went out at the exact same time. Tech support tried sending a signal and when the boxes reset, one bedroom box came back in Spanish and had the Status code 223. The other two bedroom boxes still showed status code 225 and the X1 box showed RDK-03003. We were told they would have to send a technician out, which wouldn't be for three more days. I ended up unhooking all coax cables from the CommScope amplifier and unhooked power from the wall adapter. After hooking everything back in, internet service and service to three of the TV's immediately came back on. The only box still having problems is the one bedroom box with the 223 code. Customer service is saying we will need to replace the box, but we just replaced all 4 boxes a few months ago. Is there ANY other way to remedy this? Tonight is the second time this year that I've had to try and figure out the problem myself because customer service and tech support was absolutely no help.

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