Stay at home parents! What do you watch now that MOST soaps have been cancelled?


I hate to admit it but I still miss All my Children and One Life to Live. Daytime TV just isn't the same as it used to be and I find I barely watch TV during the day now that those shows are gone.

Have you been able to find replacement shows that you feel loyal to?
I was never big on soaps to begin with so I just watch shows that I find through Netflix and Hulu that I enjoy. I am a stay at home mom and working mom so I dont have time to follow dramas and soap, but I do enjoy watching episodes from older shows now and then when I have the time. Hubby and I watch Dr Who and WWE together at night once the kiddo is in bed and I like rewatching shows like Lost when I need a break from the work.


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There are still a few around but I got out of the soap habit years ago. That said, I DVR GH every day, something I started last year for their 50th anniversary. They did some amazing bring backs of characters and actors and they are actually still doing it. The bad thing is that it ends up being a tad frustrating when the returning actor leaves again but still while they were there, some really fun and amazing stuff happened.