Stellar Labs DTV Tuner/Recorder

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Firefox and XP you will see it right away. Firefox and Windows 7 open the pdf right click some where on the page. Click on document properties. Take a look. IE Yuck! I do believe the Homeworx, and Iview both do 1080p. The back panel on all three boxes looks identical. Same box different package. New software down load right on the MCM page. If I look at my browsing history A MCM Icon with 20130_HW-150PVR behind it shows right in today's url list.
Thanks, I see it now. There's no obvious way to see it in Chrome. I looked at "page info" and I inspected the "elements." Then I downloaded the PDF file to my desktop, right clicked and looked at Properties. Not there either. You have to open it under Acrobat Reader or FireFox, THEN look at properties. Learn something new every day...

Nice catch! The software is probably the same as the latest revision from Homeworx, don't you think? Pretty hard to beat $45.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

And IE on XP: :flush:. IE-10 isn't so bad, but it won't work on XP. With IE-8, they keep doing security updates, by just adding new virus definitions. They don't rewrite the code from the ground up. I could understand that, since it's no longer their flagship model, but the thing that proves deliberate sabotage is that IE-10 works fine on XP! You just have to get one of several specially prepared versions from third parties, e.g. on . It's just a toggle switch that tells IE-10 to go ahead and load on XP. Think about where their bread is currently buttered. They want XP to suck -- just not in a provably incompetent or irresponsible way.

And I'll tell you something else. Latest buzz all over the internet is that Microsoft deliberately leaves in -- or proactively puts in via updates -- back doors so the NSA can hack into any Windoze computer connected to the internet. They do this to comply with FISA court orders, and nobody at Microsoft will deny it. No need to d/l and run a virus -- Windows is literally the virus. I have personal experience to back this up. Kind of redefines the term "security update."

I used Windows 98 for years after they stopped "supporting" it (cough). Hardware went before 98 went. They're ditching XP in February. I'm thinking no more "updates" after Christmas.

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Thanks Rick. I've been very slow to even take interest in computer stuff. Do to some unplanned changes in life I've had the opportunity to start learning. Where I've lived the rural phone line would support voice on a good day. A computer was hopeless. I was able to use Web TV for limited very slow internet access on that noisy phone line. There's been a lot catch up learning going on. Still a lot to learn. I've had a lifelong fascination with radio, television, antennas, and signal propagation.

The software is probably the same as the latest revision from Homeworx, don't you think?
Yes. I just thought another source of an OTA box with DVR potential was worth noting as there are not many choices.
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You wonder, sometimes, if they just throw a dart at a dartboard to pick a price.

I don't know why I unloaded on you, all of a sudden, about Billy's big boy toy factory. It just kills me the way so many people buy all the hype, like "Linux has as many vulnerabilities as Windows." Meanwhile, they leave the FRONT DOOR WIDE OPEN with a big sign out front: "HACKERS WELCOME!"

Anyhow, IMO, XP will get a lot more secure after they stop "supporting" it. I know 7 works better, even on old hardware. Course I suppose 7 will become less and less secure as time goes by, and MS will be able to shirk the blame, as usual.



Has anyone used this box? OTA TV has suddenly grabbed my attention. I saw one review on line. The guy said it worked OK for him. I may try it out.
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