Steve Carrel leaving The Office

Yea it probably won't make it, sems to have fallen in the same pit that many shows do when key actors walk away. Just like that 70's show they will probably try to write him in some way without him actually being there but I don't think it will work. Office has not been as interesting sinc they focus so much on Pam and Jim, thought it would be cool to bring back Jan and have a whole baby comparing thing, resuming the Jan and Michael storyline


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What will be interesting is to see where his career takes him. A lot of folks fade away thinking they'll be the next hitmaker.


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To me his interplay with Dwight, is the stupid garbage that makes me laugh and watch the show. Other relationships in the characters are great, but Jim and Dwight are two birds of a feather, stupid and funny.


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such a great actor, the show won't go on well without him. It's like Saturday Night Live that had a great cast and they slowly started going to other ventures and the quality of the show today is abysmal.


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Most of the side plots between other characters play off of him in the end. I also predict it won't go well, unless they find someone that takes over and doesn't try to imitate him, but sets a new insane boss standard, that has roots in the believable for those that have worked in offices.


Last week when they were trying to get Kelly into that program for management training I had the thought that could be an interesting situation, maybe with Carrel doing movies his absence will be like many others, you know with one step in the door like they sent him to europe or something and he calls or does occasional web casts till all goes awry. I do think as an actor steve carrel does not have the verstility that will make him into a mega superstar. He will always come through as a comic and most comics seem to have limited shelf life. I could not imagine anyone else interacting with dwight like michael does, although jims pranks on dwight are pretty funny