STILL issues with program reminders. Update, please?



Reminders are working on our main XG1 DVR box, but not at all on the secondary little non-DVR box. System refreshes and resets do nothing. Also, the on-screen caller ID stopped working. I assume this is a related issue? (I do have that option tuned on both of our sets.) I also noticed today that the reminder function to set a new reminder, for example has been moved, or hidden uner the "series info" option. Much harder to find. I also could not cancel a reminder. It appeared to cancel, but continued reminding every 30 minutes for a particular show. Function wasn't working. Long story short, the reminder function AND on-screen caller ID are STILL not functioning properly. I relalize that there has been a solution documented, but it has not been updated for awhile, and problems persisit. Please do not refer me to the resolution answer. I know where it is. It has not been updated in a month, so far as I can tell, and it it not resolved. Thank you.

"STILL issues with program reminders. Update, please?," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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