Still nearly unusable - DirecTV

Trying to watch a movie I downloaded to my iphone. Not once, but twice now, the app has quite during playback. For no reason. None. It just quit. I have to open the app, and it takes forever to get back to the point where I can open the movie again. And it does not pick up where it left off... It starts over. Are you people kidding me. Can't get through one effing movie without this complete Piece Of Software tanking. Twice. Worthless. Amazon software engineers seem to have figured it out. Netfix software engineers have figured it out. Maybe you guys could ask them how to make a video play without yaking up all over itself. Months ago, you said you were working the bugs out. How long of a process is it? How many more years will it be before you can come up with coherent video software that is usable?

This question, "Still nearly unusable," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.