Still no answer on why we can't turn off the Screen Saver



This problem has been going on at least since 2014, and probably longer (you can check the forums, I gave up after going back 5 years).

Customers keep telling Comcast we want to be able to completely turn off the Screen Saver. Comcast waffles a bit, and then says they'll investigate the problem. A number of times they have made "5 Hours" act as 'never', customer thank Comcast, then a few months later the problem comes back again. This started happening a few days ago.

Comcast has NEVER explained why they think the Screen Saver is mandatory or necessary. They have promised over and over again to address this issue, and haven't.

My latest conversation with a suppor t person on this issue was a chat session on 11-Oct-2019 startin around 13:30. I was promised in writing that Comcast would investigate, and that someone would get back to me. So far, nothing has happened. No E-mail, no call back, and the screen saver still activates when I don't want it to.

I call upon Comcast to give us an official explanation and answer. Either do what your paying customers want and give us a way to turn off the screen saver, or at least give us a good reason why you consider it so essential that we not be able to turn it off.

And you might also explain why you don't follow up on support sessions when you promise to.

"Still no answer on why we can't turn off the Screen Saver," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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