still no coupons


I wrote to the forum a while back and have been away for several weeks. I have applied for those damn coupons 3 times and still nothing. I began last Feb. and my latest attempt was Aug 22. The reply to my application said it was approved but when I checked back later it was now not accepted. In reading comments in the forum it appears others have had problems with the feds as well. So, what to do now? Gee, it is an election year, maybe Obama or McCain can take care of this. What a joke and fiasco this is. Any ideas out there??? tonyb


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whoever gets elected to office should handle things in the following order:

1. economy
2. foreign policy
3. dtv
4. I'm completely joking!

seriously though, I've read numerous reports where people are predicting a big problem with the digital transition.


Well good luck getting them to handle this. I am sure that this is the least of their concerns now or in the near future. It really is not the governments responsibility to give people coupons for this, I think that too many people are taking advantage, and I am sure that if you applied more than once this is why they have never responded.


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You know there are a lot of people in the same boat as you are where the coupons are concerned. There is no wonder in my eyes why people make threads about it being a sham. I am beginning to think the same way.


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The very least of their concerns. I think it was the way for the government to find out where people are and that is all on their end along with getting more tax dollars from companies.