Stingray Music--Audio Problems on DVR Box Only - DirecTV

I have AT&T Uverse service with 3 set top boxes (STB's)--one of which is the DVR (VIP 2250). When I try to stream music on the DVR box (via the Stingray channels), the audio will stop after one song. Since each song shows its progression, it appears to still be playing, but with no sound. What is strange is that the Stingray music service works fine on the other 2 can stream music on the Stingray Channels on the other 2 STB's with no problems.
Some background:
The problem SEEMS to have appeared after AT&T updated the screen formats.
I used to have problems with the sound a few years ago--the fix per AT&T was to set the DVR audio output to 2 channel sound vs. surround sound audio. Now if I don't select surround sound, the audio won't work on the premium channels (e.g., HBO, HD channels).
AT&T replaced the DVR, but it made no difference. Also replaced the HDMI cable, but it didn't make any difference...

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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