Strange calls to my prepaid cell

from 270-316-3673. i keep getting this one each night at the same time (around 9PM) and i never answer it because it would take up my minutes. who is this? i tried to google it but apparently there's no one who can give me the info to this number.

I tried to put it in my reject list, but it still comes in, ringtone goes off and all. i have to manually hit 'ignore' each time. i use this phone for emergencies (it's a ATT GoPhone) and i keep thinking my mom or someome's trying to call and i find out it's this stupid number.

There's a couple more. it seems to be related though since they too come in at or around the same time:



These are all in my area code so i don't think it's a scam. but although some have recommended 'ignore them, they'll go away' the truth is they're not. they call the same time each night or at random hours during the night and i keep thinking it's someone trying to reach me and it's this stupid felgercarb. is there a way to find out the owner of these numbers? all reverse lookup can tell me is that it came from my hometown of Owensboro, Kentucky. that's it. no map or anything.

Oh and for an added bonus, i get texts too, from different numbers, i wouldn't know if these were the ones or not but i get them and they say things like:

Wuz up?

Meet me at the mall, k?

and more. those cost me 20c per-message and it's adding up. i don't text message nor do i use twitter so who the heck is doing this and why?

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Hopefully it's not a family member with a new phone number. ;) I hate the broadcasted texts, though since switching to Verizon and a Blackberry phone, I haven't had a problem with that lately.
I've gotten 'texting spam' but it's usually some scammy linked post and/or christain thing trying to get money out of me and i just hit delete and report it to the carrier.

Mom has a totally different number and she wouldn't call me at 9PM or especially at 2AM and 3AM. if she couldn't reach me she'd leave a voice mail.

I don't give my number out to anyone as i stated it's a emergency contact phone. as in if there's a storm coming or my car broke down, etc. this is really eating into my minutes though. to answer and say 'you've got the wrong number' costs a few minutes and also charges a daily access fee of $1.00 since it's the first call of the night/day. so that really adds up. leaving it to ring it will keep ringing off/on all night. it's really annoying. i tried to call the carrier but apparently AT&T is the ONLY wireless carrier who closes after dark. i thought this was the age of 24/7 customer care? it was with Tracfone!


First: I'd switch to a provider that doesn't charge you to receive a message or a call. You can dodge the ETF by declaring the contract null when they change their pricing for better or worse.

Second: I'd just answer the call. Yes, it'll take up your minutes, but it couldn't hurt.

Lastly: If they're bypassing your calls ignore list, I'd probably report them to their phone service provider and have them look into it.
Sorry i'll have to clarify what kind of service this is:

AT&T GoPhone Prepaid. i cannot get a regular 'contract' service (or a nicer phone) because i don't have any credit. and i won't get credit. i don't believe in carrying plastic and getting in big doodah trying. also, since i have zero credit i can't get any card in the first place (kinda makes getting credit impossible unless you got a great job and can afford those 'advanced fee cards')

So...i can't get a nice blackberry with bluetooth like i want. so i settled for prepaid so i can save monthly fees and use it only when needed. and since it's AT&T it's not a crippled prepaid phone with no way to upgrade (Hello, Tracfone) since i can still buy a blackberry new if i can ever afford to and use my SIM in it. but the strange calls are a new thing for me. i've used prepaid in the past and never had this happening on a regular basis. most give up trying when they realize the number you got is no longer the person who previously had it.


There's nothing wrong with prepay. I've had a tracfone for years and wouldn't think of chaining myself to a cell phone contract. I use it just like you do, only when actually needed. It's not a chitchat phone.

If only one or two people have the number, don't mess with constant harassing calls. When your minutes are about exhausted, just go buy another prepay phone, give out your new number and let the old number expire. The tracfones are about $15 at walmart. Go phone is probably comparable in price.

According to
One of the numbers you posted is a cell phone and the other one is a landline. No names shown, though.
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I have been following Howard Forums HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource recently and they have had a lot of discussion about pre-paid cell phones. A couple of the better ones right now are:

-T-Mobile prepaid

-Page Plus Cellular

As far as I am concerned neither one is a clear winner over the other one because it depends on your usage. I currently have T-Mobile prepaid and I am one the plan where it is a $1 per day on days you use it. That $1 gives you unlimited mobile to mobile and unlimited night and weekends. On the other hand, Page Plus Cellular just began offering $40/month unlimited. They will also soon be offering some pretty generous plans for $20 per month and $30 per month. (I think it is 500 minutes and 1200 minutes per month for those prices.) As the pre-paid battle continues we will continue to see some very attractive offers.
AT&T is IMO the only service to have all the features normally available on full-blown contracts available also on prepaid. unlike Tracfone, Net10, Virgin, Boost or Page Plus, features such as Video on demand, Edge, 3G, and all data services and even 'plans' (using your current prepaid balance) are there to have your fun with.

I just got a Samsung A407 (???) which has video/MP3 support, music tone, bluetooth, and full-blown internet access. and like their usual contracts, you can still buy any phone they have available and pop your SIM in and go. all the features work.

Tracfone has some and Page Plus does some too, but their phones are 'locked' and 'crippled' example, the Tracfone LG series and Motorola RAZR copycat (W376g) are full-blown Bluetooth-enabled and Web-enabled phones, but alas, their internet is a 'walled garden' meaning you can only browse and download strictly from Tracfone, and sites such as Yahoo!, Myspace Mobile, Facebook, or even this site, aren't allowed and give a 403 forbidden error. the phones charge data too so it's stupid in my opinion. the Bluetooth works only for a head set but not for anything else. so sending your ringtones (MIDI only ones from Tracfone) won't work.

Most prepaid services also may not even have phones available with such support, crippled or otherwise. meaning that Page Plus still has dated 1X only phones with zero web support, even with the icon present, it gives a 'network connect fail' upon loading.

So far aside from Verizon prepaid only AT&T allows full-support for data services, and no contract. the only disadvantage is that AT&T, unlike other carriers, has no 24/7 customer care. they close after 8PM. and you don't get the nice 'upgrade deals' that you get with contracts.

But i love surfing from my own home, no longer tethered to the spotty wi-fi out here which drops every 5 minutes rendering video downloads/streaming impossible.


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I keep getting texts on my work cell number about some place in lower Manhattan that has topless stuff.

I don't answer them but a few of the guys I work with and myself may go check it out one day soon. :D

Once I walked into a place where the sign said "Topless" and "Bottomless".
There was nobody there!?
Rodney Dangerfield :D
I have a slightly similar problem. I also have a prepaid phone, and although I've had this number for > 2 years, I still get phone calls for "Kim". I'm tired of paying 25cents for each person that Kim forgot to tell she has a new number.

Re prepaid plans, I use my cell phone the same way. I bought it mainly for emergencies and occasional non-emergency calls (order carryout to pick up on my way home). If I use it 3 times a month, that's a lot. I ended up buying the AT&T Go phone prepaid that's $100 for a year. (ie, calls are billed at 25 cents a minute, deducted from the balance. The alternative was the plan that is $1 a day on days that I use it and 10cents a minute, but for me, this is more cost effective). When I went to reload it this year, I discovered I could get a $25 refill that's good for 3 months... same cost for 12 months, but easier to budget. As long as I reload before the minutes expire, they roll over.

My problem now is that I use it so infrequently that I have a fair sized balance that I cannot get refunded. I may actually switch to a monthly plan for a few months because at least I can use the funds towards that. Right now I feel like I can't cancel my plan because I'll forfeit a hundred and some dollars.