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This question is about "Strange Spam Blocking method by Spectrum", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. I started receiving lots of spam emails from The spam comes in from random email users So, if you add each to the filter list which is accessible from the Spectrum Web email interface, you'd have inifinte number of emails. I called Spectrum on Sat., 8/24/2019. An associate told me to remove all individual from the filter list and just add I did. Spam continued unblocked, no matter how I access it: From Web interface, from Thunderbird or from Android Gmail app. I called again on Sat. 8/25/2019. This time they tried to keep me on the phone until they solve it!!. I declined after 25 minutes on the phone and asked for a ticket be generated so they can work on the issue. I haven't received any email or notifications to opening any tickets. I called again on Mon. (spam is still abundant from these multinet). This time they said you need to forward each message that is a spam like that to I complied, and fwd'd each message to that email address.

Spam from still continues to arrive!!. I told them that this is not going to work since these spammers use random use names to send the email domain and that the domain needs to be blocked in its entirity. Seems falling on deaf ears.

So, I can't block a domain from the filter list and I have to fwd msgs to that postmaster??

Is that how this issue will end up? i.e. I keep receiving inifinte spam and keep forwarding it? I can't beileve this is a solution!.




Strange Spam Blocking method by Spectrum?
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