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I did a search on this topic, and found at least one Comcast representative who speculated the end of last year for the Xfinity Stream App on Sony. I was in a Comcast Store in San Mateo, Ca and the representative there said he'd heard some news was coming out in the first week of January 2020.

Still nothing... unless I'm missing something. How come Comcast doesn't have a release schedule? Don't they have software engineering teams, who operate on sprints with deadlines? I cannot imagine this is a difficult app to code since it already exists for LG and Samsung-- and ultimately it's on the Android O/S.

I guess the frustration is this: I've seen Comcast lock down their ecosystem:

  • No HBO Go
  • No on-demand for Tivo
  • No streaming app for Sony

Comcast/Xfinity has a reputation for procedurally controlling things vs letting the customer decide and access content in multiple ways...

Now, these delays.
There were posts about a Sony streaming app since 2018. It's 2020 now! Wow.

One last thought on Comcast's control:

I moved from Philly (Comcast's HQ) and now in Cali-- and in California there are

  • Enforced Internet data caps (not so in Philly);
  • Less stations to choose from ... but for the same / higher price than Philly.

It's like Comcast knows it cannot have a lot of bad press in the city (Philly) they're headquartered in because of the tax breaks they received, but everywhere else it's a "lesss than service". Maybe, that's being too cynical or giving too much credit to the Xfinity braintrust. Idk.

It makes me wonder, though... didn't customers complain about cable service and pricing so much that it gave way to Tivo, cable-cutters, etc. and cable companies responded with better UI, better customer support, etc. but as soon as they can return to promises without committments, less than service, controlling how the customer accesses content they will...

I wish I could apologize for my diatribe... but I wrote it, so I must have meant it.

Anyway, back to the topic-- any update that will be reasonably met for a Xfinity Stream App for Sony Smart TVs? I paid a lot of money for Xfinity and Sony so I'd like to use both, together as I was promised was possible.

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