Streaming Issues with Hulu Plus on Your TV

Have you ever had streaming issues with Hulu Plus on your TV? If so, you are not alone. This is not an uncommon issue for consumers who use a wide range of set-top boxes to display the popular streaming service on the television to include Roku, Apple TV, Wii, PS3, PS4, and the Xbox. Luckily, there are a number of solutions that you can try out if having problems with the Hulu Plus display on the television.

Check the Small Stuff First

If you are having streaming issues with Hulu Plus, the first thing that you should do is check all of the small stuff that could be interrupting the service before taking more advanced troubleshooting steps.

Step 1 – Ensure you are connected to a broadband or high speed Internet connection. One of the most common problems associated with streaming issues for Hulu is either a “moody” or inconsistent WiFi signal or a download speed that is not fast enough the support the Hulu stream. The company publishes a required download speed of 1.5 Mbps for standard def video and 3 Mbs for HD content.

Step 2 – If your Internet connection “should” support the speed requirements, and you are seeing choppy or stuttering/sputtering video playback, then connect a speed test of your Internet connection. To do so, visit the website and choose the “Begin Test” menu button. When complete, you should be able to observe your speed tests in real time and compare against the Hulu requirements.

Step 3 – If the speed test indicates you have a fast enough Internet connection, then power down the network modem, router, and set-top box that is streaming Hulu for at least one minute and then power-up the equipment.

Step 4 – If watching Hulu video via a WiFi connection, try to connect the streaming device directly to the Internet router via Ethernet. This will help you determine if the primary issue lies in the wireless network.

Step 5 – If you continue to have streaming issues with Hulu Plus on your TV, then proceed to the next phase of troubleshooting the Hulu connection.

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How to Fix Streaming Issues with Hulu Plus

At the time of this writing, there are a fair number of set-top boxes that are capable of streaming Hulu Plus to a television set. Some of the more popular options include Apple TV, Nintendo Wii, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Roku, and Blu Ray players to name a few. Although there are additional options to stream Hulu, these have been selected to be representative of the troubleshooting steps you might have to take on other streaming devices to fix the Netflix stream.

Apple TV

The primary reason that users encounter issues with streaming Hulu Plus on Apple TV if the Internet connection is of sufficient speed is due to the device having an outdated version of Apple’s TV software. In order to check, select the “Settings,” “”General,” and “Update Software” menu options. If the Apple TV continues to have issues, then take the following steps:
Step 1 – Choose the “Settings” menu option from the “Apple TV” menu.

Step 2 – Click the “General,” “Network,” and “Ethernet” menu options on the Wifi network.

Step 3 – Click the “Configure” DNS menu option.

Step 4 – Over-ride the DNS address to "" and pick the”Done” menu button.

Step 5 – If this does not fix the issue, then change the DNS server to: ”" and click the “done” menu button.

Nintendo Wii

Step 1 – Conduct the speed test referenced above from the Wii by downloading the “Internet Channel” from the Wii Shop Channel. Once downloaded, run the test on

Step 2 – If the Wii meets the requirements download speed required for Hulu, adjust the quality of the video by choosing the “Lower Video Quality” menu option with the Wii remote control.

Step 3 – Remove the Hulu Plus channel from the Wii by selecting the “Wii Options,” “Data Management,” “Channels,” “ Select Hulu Plus,” and “Erase” menu options.

Step 4 – Re-download the Hulu Plus application from the Wii Shop Channel.

Step 5 – If the issue persists, then connect the Wii to the Internet via Ethernet cable. This option with the Wii requires the USB LAN adapter that might have to be purchased depending on how many options you have purchased for the Wii in the home.

PlayStation 3

The PS3 includes a built-in network speed test in the console. Hulu recommends using this option to test the actual download speed being seen by the console before proceeding with troubleshooting the streaming issues.

Step 1 – Select the main menu and then choose the “Settings,” “Network Settings,” and “Internet Connection” test to compare the download speed with the Hulu requirements.

Step 2 – Reset the time and date of the PS3 by selecting the “Date and Time Settings” from the main menu, then choosing “Time Settings,” “Date and Time,” and the “Set via Internet” menu options.

Step 3 – If the video is still not playing properly, delete the Hulu application by selecting the app, then pressing the “triangle” button and the “Delete” menu option.

Step 4 – Re-download the Hulu application from the PlayStation Store and the issues with Hulu streaming should be corrected.

PlayStation 4

The PS4 also includes a built-in network speed test similar to the PS3. The steps to run the test are the same as the PS3 and when complete, compare the actual download speed against the Hulu requirements.
Step 1 – Reset the system date and time of the PS4. The steps to do this are the same as for the PS3 except after selecting the “Set via Internet” menu option choose the “Set Now” option if it is not toggled to “Set Automatically” already.

Step 2 – If the streaming issues are not fixed, then delete the Hulu Plus app and re-download the app from the PlayStation Store.

Step 3 – If you are seeing licensing error messages, then select the “Settings,” “PSN,” and “Activate as the primary PS4” menu options.

Step 4 – Choose the “Restore Licenses” menu option from the PSN menu to finish fixing the Hulu streaming issues.

Xbox 360

Step 1 – Log out of the Hulu Plus account by selecting the “Settings” menu option in the Hulu Plus app and choosing the “log out” menu choice. Then log back into the account.

Step 2 – If the streaming issues persist, delete the Hulu Plus app by choosing the “Settings,” “System,” “Storage,” “All Devices,” “Games and Apps,” and then highlight the Hulu Plus icon. Then, press the “Y” button on the Xbox controller and choose the “Delete” button. Then, select the “Hulu Plus” app in the Apps section and load it again.

Step 3 – Delete and then recover the Xbox Live Gamertag (profile only). This will leave your achievements and games on the device. If you want to delete this information, then choose the “Delete Profile and Items” menu option. This should fix the Hulu streaming issues that you are having on the Xbox 360

Xbox One

There is also a built-in speed test on the Xbox One that Hulu recommends using prior to proceeding with troubleshooting the network connection. If the test is sufficient to support Hulu requirements, then you will want to unlink the Xbox account and leave the Hulu app. To accomplish this, select the “Settings” option from the Hulu Plus app and choose the “Unlink From Xbox Live” menu option. Once you have unlinked the app, reconnect to Hulu Plus and the streaming issues should be corrected.


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Step 1 – Delete the Hulu Plus channel. Then, add it again via the Roku Channel Store.

Step 2 – Make sure the Roku box has the most current version of firmware installed by choosing the “Settings,” “Player Info,” and “Check for Update” menu options.

Step 3 – Restart the set-top box if the streaming issues are not immediately corrected and the problem should be resolved.

Samsung TV/Blu-ray

For Samsung HDTVs and Blu-Ray players specifically, a common cause of streaming issues with Hulu Plus on your TV is having the video quality set too high. In order to fix, you will want to navigate to the Video Quality menu option via remote control and choose an option that has a lower bitrate than you have configured.

That’s it. If you continue to have streaming issues with Hulu Plus on your television, please let us know in the comments, and we will provide additional assistance as required.


Staff member
Great writeup. Most times for me, a simple reboot of the Roku by unplugging it and plugging it back in fixes any problems.
Thanks Fan Boy. Yeah, I find the speed test is one of the key ingredients for helping folks troubleshoot issues once they get past the "turn off/turn on" step. I've held off on providing DNS "fixes" to the article beyond the one set-top box since that appears to be less common of a cause and kept the article length down some.
All of the solutions for Samsung/Blu-Ray (I can't speak to the others) will work to a lesser or greater extent and the speed tests are a great first response. Streaming issues with HuluPlus on your TV can also be a sign of a problem with the internet connection in your home or local area. I discovered through streaming problems on HuluPlus that, despite what the Cox cable guy told us, we actually had shared internet for the whole street and the modem (what they called a 'free router' that actually cost us $6.99 a month) was set up in the wrong part of the house. This is just my experience, and I'm not the most technically-minded person in the world, but if your streaming problems persists after employing these solutions, there could be something to do with your internet that needs fixing.
Thanks for the share! I always hated having issues streaming Hulu Plus...ours were mostly associated with the distance of the router from the device we were trying to use for watching the content!

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