Streaming NFL Network - XFinity

Confused. I read thru a discussion thread which began in 2011 in regard to streaming NFL Network onto iPad. I thought I was missing something given that I'm in my garage less than 10ft from cable box, I pay for NFL Network, and it looks like every major, and regional cable carriers are listed on NFL's App. Apparently I have not missed anything. I found it funny that the thread topic is checked as 'solved' with the solution being one sentence; 'not available at this time'. This was posted in 2011!!!! Even though the last customer posting was in October of 2016!!

As noted... I am already resigned to the fact I may be confused. Surely this is no longer an issue, and I must be missing the more recent solution posted. Right? There is no way I am sitting here in 2016 having the same issue that was brought up at least 5 years ago, is there?

Can someone tell me how to watch the NFL Redzone App in my house, where my cable box is, and where I receive my monthly Comcast bill? Or if you cannot answer that question maybe you can help me understand why this is an issue at all?

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