Streaming TV in 2017 - Who makes the best box?



I'm looking at buying a new streaming TV box this month. Either the Roku, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast. Any opinions on who has the best one?

I definitely want to be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, and HBO go.
I use a Roku and love it. I know others who have Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire Sticks, and each have their pluses and minuses. The important thing is to determine what characteristics are important to you, and then compare them to your options. For example, if you want Sling TV then just about all of them will work; if you want YouTube TV, then you must get a Chromecast. Some offer 4K streaming, some only 720p or 1080i. Some are compatible with analog systems and some aren't.

They all pretty much work reasonably well. Most of them have minimal bugs after the last few firmware updates.

Your best option is to list out the characteristics that are important to you, rank their importance, and look up if each device offers that feature. We can help you find the details if you tell us what features matter.
I use Roku, and watch YouTube all of the time. Infact it is about the only use I have for streaming TV. Roku will work fine for streaming YouTube.
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Not YouTube, RF. YouTube TV. It's their competitor to DirecTV's streaming app and Sling TV.

From YouTube TV's own FAQ:

Android L or later
iPhone iOS 9.1 or later

iPad iOS 9.1 or later

For the best YouTube TV viewing experience, download the latest version of Chrome.

Stream with Google Chromecast, Chromecast built-in TV, Android TV, and Apple Airplay.
I stream YouTube on my TV from time to time, also.
I currently use a Roku 3 on the family TV, and a Roku Express + on the TV in my room. While both of them have worked good. They are not glitch free. The Roku 3 has been a bit more troublesome than the Roku Express +. A quick reboot normally fixes any problems I've had.
I've often looked at the Chromecast with interest. The lack of a remote control, and the need to use a smart phone, tablet, or laptop computer as a remote has always turned me off.


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I personally really like the ROKU as well. I wish the remote was more universal to turn off and on the TV, but a logitech harmony remote solves that issue. I am curios though to try some of the Android boxes out on the market that have a tv tuner combined. With idea of having everything in one unit. Has anyone else tried this?
I was not aware of the YouTube TV service, and I don't want or need it. I watch free YouTube every day. I am aware of the YouTube Red service at $9.99 a month which will play on Roku, but I have no desire to subscribe to another pay TV service. I do keep an active Hulu account, but for as little use that I have for it I might cancel it. I use OTA broadcast TV, and the many free channels available with a Roku. I seldom have use for pay TV services.
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