Study: 3D TV Sales Are Tanking


I went to a Best Buy and checked out a 3D display only to find a flickery image and images going double-vision when they came out at me. This and the fact I could care less for the current 3D titles (Dances with Smurfs) leads me to think I'd rather save money and get a better 2D HDTV.

Money saved for :pop2: & :cheers:
3D Tv's are a better 2d TV! Did you even play with the settings, were the glasses even turned on? How do sales tank for something when it will be built in regardless if you want the feature or not. TV market has tanked quite a bit due to the state of the economy... ???


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Hi Jason. A couple of things. You're responding to a post that was done in October, so it's not necessarily current. I don't know if it is or isn't, but I personally don't think 3D will make it. Too many people are still getting used to HD. They don't want to run out and spend all that money on 3D, not to mention there aren't really enough 3D product out there anyway. Finally, Jim was simply reporting what an article said, not expressing his opinion. Sometimes it helps to take a deep breath. :}
I checked out a 3D vision set at CostCo jusy before Xmas. Same story flickering image, beyond the initial oh wow visual effects it was like give me a nice HDTV without needing to wear glasses for 1/3 the price.
I wasn't writing in response to "Jim in Seattles" post, I was referring to AJC's comment that clearly lacked technical workings of these devices. Play with things for a bit, don't make off the cuff comments. There are a lot of things that you will, and will not see when peering at these TV's in a monster super lit brick and mortar outlet. Most of the time they have you standing 3 ft from the screen, and with the size of these TV's you have to atleast have a 9 to 15 " distance. I admit, some people are more sensitive to the effects, especially when DLP was first introduced, and they had horrible rainbow effects that some people could see. LCD had horrible screen door effect...
I dislike, and am very opinionated when people hae negative views, with little efforts to explain themselves.
I am electronics freak :D I usually am the guy that buys into the latest and greatest, and will get burned from time to time, but I will always have a first hand point of view to share.
In another response to "OrryMain", As you see with HD sets, it's there if you want it or not, but for those who ARE buying a new TV. A 3D TV produces a far better image than the latter....If you read my reply in it's entirety. I am not saying people should bancrupt themselves over a TV, but watch the antogonistic, and objectional comments about something that "the people" are not fully knowledable of.
Content is out there, each cable provider has a channel dedicated to 3D, and 90% of the movies filmed this year, or are out in theaters are, or will be 3D. Disney is converting it's library to 3D ....... Read!! ESPN is in 3D. The hottest directors are using 3D...Will General Hospitol be in 3D...maybe not today....God I hope never.. :O
Just as if you had a cell phone, and didn't want the data plan...guess what, the man is forcing you when you re-up...depending on provider of course.... Things will be in place, but it will be your choice to fully utilize it or not. That's the only choice as a consumer will have :)


I am interested in learning this too. We are serious into the 3D element but with prices high are wondering if it's best to wait and see if the market does rise.
I think the closest we'll get at the moment for experiencing the glassless version is with the new 3DS from nintendo. I plan on checking it out soon.. Not huge on the Nintendo brand since the Wii, it's neat, a little geared towards the kids though, and good wholesome family fun.
The haven't heard much on the end of pricing though for the glassless ones yet. I am sure it will be pricey for the first 2 quarters it's out, then bam!! Better and cheaper manufacturing techniques :D