Study: Do you watch everything you record on your DVR?


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Are you a DVR addict? Do you constantly use this device to record TV shows, movies, and sporting events?

View attachment 2308 I admit I was late in coming to the DVR corner of technology, but now that I have it, it is hear to stay in my house. I love the convenience of not worrying about missing a program. I also like having the option of starting the recording early and setting to program up to two-hours later.With my Dish Network Hopper DVR, there is also the added benefit of fast auto-skipping over commercials. Man, do I love that feature!

Motorola Mobility recently conducted a study of DVR users and discovered an interesting bit of information. Yes, viewers are using their DVR record settings, something Nielsen now includes in their ratings reports. However, do people actually watch what they program? Can the ratings be accurate if they don't?

The report found that here in the United States, a whopping 41 percent of everything recorded on a DVR is ultimately deleted without ever being watched. Globally, the number is lower, down to 36 percent. For advertisers who pay based on ratings, this could be a significant blow, especially since the number of American homes with DVRs installed is nearing the 50 percent mark.

Whatever the reason for recording shows is, be it to skip the pesky commercials or collect a season of episodes before watching, DVRs seem to be here to stay. The only question is how it ultimately will affect ratings and the advertiser's dollar.