Study: Libraries Top The Competition In Lending Movies

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July 26, 2010|By KIM VELSEY,

Red boxes, red envelopes and the blue and yellow Blockbuster stores may dominate the movie rental landscape, but according to a recent survey, when Americans want to watch a DVD, they are most likely to turn to their local library.

The survey, released this year by OCLC, a nonprofit library co-operative and research organization, found that public libraries in the United States lend an average 2.1 million videos every day, slightly more than the 2 million that Netflix ships. The other top two competitors, Redbox and Blockbuster, come in at 1.4 million and 1.2 million respectively, according to daily averages provided by company representatives.

The findings were part of a report called "How Libraries Stack Up," which highlights the many roles that libraries play in communities, according to OCLC market analysis manager Peggy Gallagher. It also includes statistics on career assistance and Wi-Fi use — the extent of which might be surprising to the general public or even to businesses offering similar services.

"I think of libraries as places for books," said Steve Swasey, Netflix's vice president of corporate communications, adding that Netflix doesn't view public libraries as a competitor.

"It's free," said Swasey, "so it's a whole different model."
I am sure the Movie industry feels otherwise!
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Jason Fritz

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My wife is the ultimate penny saver. We visit our library twice a month for movies and books and when we don't find what we're looking for, we use Blockbuster. Don't think I've ever seen any Blu-ray discs at our library.


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Libraries vary. In NY we had a REALLY decent library the next town over with a great DVD selection. We could do interlibrary loans from all over central NY. We could go to almost any library we wanted and get a card.

In Nevada, we could borrow from or use any library branch in Clark County (Vegas)

In Utah, we're screwed. We can only use the library for the town where we reside, and ITS south of us in a direction we rarely travel. Interlibrary loan? Blasphemy! Not to mention, the Mormon mentality limits the selection of movies at the library. But I can get the complete life stories of Brigham Young and / or Joseph Smith on DVD, audiobook, (CD and cassette!) and VHS.

Does your library card allow you to use other libraries? Find out!

Fringe Reception

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Our Library System is Countywide and this is the largest County in the State, so they have a very large variety of DVD's and box sets. Unfortunately, some of the box sets are missing individual discs which is very annoying. An example is James Burke's wonderful TV series Connections, which is hard to 'connect' with missing discs.