Stupid things you've heard people say about the switch


My mum asked me a wee while ago if the DTV switch would affect her DVD player. All I could do was stare at her, facepalm, then come in here to tell you the story.

I'm sure there are others, got any stories?


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I'm sure there are others, got any stories?
Though old now, my favorite was the cameras in the CECBs so the government could spy on us.

Better to add to that Urban Legend would have been the Chinese put a back door in the software so they could hack the camera feed. lol...
The dumbest things I've heard so far was that rumour that was spread around about there being cameras in the boxes. Thankfully it never hit the media or the news. Or did it? Some people just watch to many science fiction movies I guess. (not that that's a bad thing)...

Also, store employees telling people that they will still need a converter box even if they have cable, selling people el-cheapo pricey indoor antennas that won't work right for all locations and people buying converter boxes for HD LCD TV's that are ALREADY digital ready because they have a built in tuner.
I have heard the common 'it's like Y2K, it won't happen' a lot. even i believed it what with all the wacky predictions during 2008. a lot of those 'blank at the stroke of midnight' scares seem to have never happened in the past. not to mention the 'switch' was originally talked about to happen around 2001, and in tech college at the time it sparked quite the debate. the paper said 'that in 2001, your trusty old TV won't work any longer and you'll need to buy a new one or buy what is known as a 'converter box' to keep watching it. '

I kinda laughed as it seemed so unrealistic that the Government would even waste their time on something so insignificant esp after 9/11/2001. not to mention i was around when 'cable' required set-top boxes and what with everything moving to the 21st century, it sounded a lot like we were going back to the late '70s what with the old-age converters again.
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