Suddenly I'm unable to stream live tv to my computer - DirecTV

As of today I haven't been able to stream live tv to my computer. Up until today it's been working great for streaming TV. Now I just get an error message saying "Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please restart the video player."

I have windows 10, with the latest updates, a fast I7 computer, and a more than adequate internet connection speed. ideas anyone?

This question, "Suddenly I'm unable to stream live tv to my computer," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


EXACT problem - reinstalled players - cleared cache - everything I could research or think of - any recommendations would be helpful


In the same boat

Add me to the list, had been working fine for nearly a year. Less than two weeks ago this started . . . "Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please restart the video player."

All I'm trying to do is what I've been doing successfully for a year, stream a live TV show in-home (that displays both the "in-home" and "anywhere" symbols) to my computer which is running Win 7, 64 bit and has all the recent updates.

I cleared my I.E. 11 cache, browser history, deleted and re-installed "Flash" ver and all that fun stuff to no avail. I won't waste my time "chatting" with DTV support.

Grrrr . . .


Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please restart the video player.

Come to think of it Win 7 had a bunch of critical updates around the time mine quit working. I'd chase that avenue were it not for the fact that this problem has affected various platforms for years now.

Despite that fact, I haven't been able to discover what others have done to cure it. The has to be an answer or at least a clue somewhere but I have yet to find it.

Has anyone around here around here successfully solved this issue? If so, HOW???


How to Make a Simple Issue Complex

Discovered the problem with my setup.

We have Comcast cable for a cheap 80 mbps Internet connection and DirecTV for the "whole house" setup and channel selections. It's an odd split but the most cost effective practical combination for our area. The Xfinity "bundle" was a non-starter for many reasons, least of which is we don't need the land-line.

Long story short our "4k Smart TV" isn't so smart after all, it only cares if it isn't internet connected when it tries to download internet content and can't. Hit the - (dash) on the remote and it thinks all is good even when it isn't.

We rarely watch internet content but my Wife has something she records. I finally got a clue last night when it wanted to record my Wife's junk and up popped up its "Help Me, I Can't Download" blurb.

It receives all things internet via WiFi, so naturally as soon as it was allowed to play with the AP again I was allowed to stream DTV shows.

Should have started investigating the anomaly by pinging the TV from my laptop, too simple right!

I guess I'll need to monitor the thing so I don't catch heck for her missing whatever she's downloading!! ~GRIN~


OKAY, I had the same sad problem after I updated my Mac laptop last week.

frustrating because to 2 directv rep. I spoke with to get technical support could NOT really help me. I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with them today. SO, I googled around my problem and looked through forums. I can finally watch directv on my Mac laptop again after I googled, "how to enable my flash player for Mac". Follow the steps you find...safari....preferences...plug ins-Adobe flash player(click white box)...check on/ask. Sorry I'm not computer savvy but I tried almost everything and was almost gonna convert back to Comcast. Hope it helps.