Question: Suddenly lost Fox channel - help! Baseball season coming!

I'm having trouble with one channel. Fox 23.1 in Albany, NY has suddenly disappeared. I have a UHF VHF indoor antenna with a basic Apex converter to a basic tv. The converter is plugged directly into the tv. All the other channels are coming in great. 23.1 came in great before, but has literally disappeared only a few days ago. I tried moving the ears, but the signal indicator does not move at all, stays at 0. I tried reseting the channels through auto mode, but now the converter doesn't recognize the channel at all. No signal whatsoever, no snow, just black.

Here is my TV Fool information, as you can see Channel 23.1 comes in fine according to them.

Please help, baseball season starting soon and we need Fox!


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Not sure yet if we can offer any help, but...
If you'd like to try posting your Chart again, please look on the bottom of my post here, and click on the Instructions for lookup and Posting.

We'll take a look at it, and see what we can do.

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