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Hi, Thank you, as the subject mentions. When will loyal customers see TheBlaze added to our line up? I'm being forced to switch to VerizonFios? Highly disappointed. Venting with civility, thanks for reading this! I have submitted appropriate channel feedback here: and received no reply via e-mail. It's been an excruciating 4-5 years. Waiting for the appropriate department to start approving this request. Time to move forward, delaying channel requests is completely inappropriate. I've seen many channels pushed overnight, I don't recall seeing people asking for these additional channels, they get thrown at us without permission. (So be it, not complaining, pointing out the obvious actions). This is purely directed to all offices who are responsible for making this decision. A sincere, polite and SERIOUS request is being given, nobody is listening, if they are listening, why aren't you doing anything about it? Think about it. What chances do we have left? TWC willing to keep me or have me abandon them for VerizonFios? As a positive person, they are not leaving me with a positive choice! Thanks for reading this!

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