Super Bowl 2014 most watched ever


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I've lived my entire life in Broncos country, and have been a lifelong fan, and even I, and the friends I watched the game with, considered turning it off in the third quarter. If you were a Seahawks fan, you would have been celebrating the whole game, but why did the rest of the nation care?


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Wow, that's surprising considering the two teams that made it to the Super Bowl weren't some of the top populated cities.

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Not only was this dismal, disgraceful game the most watched Super Bowl ever (guess who I bet on?), but it was also the most watched TV show ever ...

I don't think there was anything disgraceful in the game, in the commercials, in the half-time show or in the officiating, unlike the 2005 Superbowl. If you recall, the officials and the NFL later apologized for poor calls that stole the game from Seattle and that was disgraceful.

It certainly had to be a heartbreaker for Bronco Fans, but this season the best in the west was much better than the best from the east. I'm sure San Francisco and other teams think they could have won as well, but the Seahawks earned the right to represent the west conference. They won the west and they won the whole enchilada.


... If you were a Seahawks fan, you would have been celebrating the whole game, but why did the rest of the nation care?
Both Manning brothers are incredible quarterbacks and team leaders. I'm sure many viewers expected the Broncos to change pace or change their strategy and start building a comeback. The weathercaster's week-long well publicized promise of biting cold weather didn't happen ... and that was supposed to be Seattle's only possible advantage going into the game.

Don't kid yourself, in Seattle we were on the edge of our proverbial seats until the last twelve minutes of the game. Injuries happen, penalties happen and both can change the momentum of any football game. It is genuine reality TV with zero retakes.

Oh boy, what a celebration in Seattle! There has been nothing like it since the Seattle Supersonics (remember them?) won the NBA Championship in 1979. Monday afternoon rush hour traffic downtown didn't happen: less traffic than I have seen here in 35 years which suggests many people called in 'sick' Monday morning. The British media reports of "Rioting in the Streets of Seattle" was total BS. Some College kids at the University of Washington started a bonfire using an old sofa and that was it.

So, teams from two Cities that recently legalized marijuana went to the Pot Bowl and one team played as if it was stoned. Imagine that.

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Yeah, I know I'm late in posting on this one, but I could not believe that the Broncos did not make what appeared to be any adjustments over the course of the game to make it a better showing! I definitely didn't pick the over/under based on Seattle's defense scoring so much!

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