Super Bowl Power Outage Linked to Relay Failure


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The New Orleans power company, Entergy, has determined that a faulty relay device was to blame for the power outage on Sunday's big game. In a press release today, Entergy said that the relay device was in place to protect the electrical equipment at the stadium in the event of a cable failure. Unfortunately, the relay was "triggered, signaling a switch to open when it should not have," causing the power outage for nearly 34 minutes on Sunday.

Twitter was flooded with tweets regarding the power outage, including conspiracy theorists who noted that the momentum of the game was changed after the outage. Various companies used the power outage to help promote their products on Twitter, with Nabisco's Oreo cookie company taking top honors with their quick witted tweet.

The Baltimore Ravens held the lead before the outage, and maintained it for the win over the San Francisco 49ers, 34 to 31.